Dogo Argentino


               The Dogo Argentino is a magnificent dog with his white coat and his proud and confident appearance. Formerly used to fight bulls and hunt wild boars and pumas, the Argentinian Mastiff is obviously not a dog to put in everyone’s hands. Some knowledgeof the breed and of dogs in general is therefore preferable. Indeed, it will be necessary to be balanced and especially coherent in its education. You should therefore not be too firm or too lax and above all, go out and socialize your dog every day and throughout his life to guarantee a dog with balanced behavior.

    The different types of Dogo Argentino   

          The Dogo Argentino was specially designed to have a white coat, which at the time allowed to easily differentiate it from game. As a result, there is only one coat color for the Argentine Mastiff, namely white. Unfortunately, this genetic selection has resulted in deafness issues, so it’s a good idea to watch for this factor if you want to adopt a Dogo Argentino.

      His possible health problems

              The Dogo Argentino being a dog with a predominantly white coat, it can be prone to deafness. It will therefore be necessary to be vigilant on this point before adoption. Finally, he may also be subject to epileptic seizures.