Dogue Argentin


The original name is Dogo Argentino. The main motivation that in 1928 led Antonio Nores Martinez, creator of the breed, to the modeling of the Argentinian mastiff was to bring together the qualities of the Perro de pelea, a fighting dog breed renowned in Córdoba, improving the size and physical strength. This dog must thus have qualities for hunting wild boar and puma (two or in a pack) of the fauna that inhabits the Sierra de Cordoba. The selection work begins with a male perro de pelea de cordobes, crossed with a purebred female bull terrier. After a selection over 8 generations, the most beautiful male is crossed with a pure Pyrenean Mastiff female. It was not until the 12th generation that “Toño” obtained a litter of six mastiffs considered purebred. This was recognized by the Centrale Canine d’Argentine in 1964

A joyful nature, but which has its limits

  • Although his initial job, boar hunting, gives him a background of “bloodthirsty dog” , the Argentinian Mastiff is in fact a cheerful and friendly dog ​​who knows how to balance his strength very well. He is as affectionate with his pack or his master as he is distant with strangers. It is important to ensure that this territorial dog is not encouraged in its aggressiveness. In this breed, the hunting instinct is very pronounced and must be controlled. If your dog has free access to the garden , you must be sure that he cannot escape from it. Despite its watchdog disposition , the Argentinian Mastiff does not bark much. However , he can be aggressive when meeting other dogs, especially other males. Despite his friendly personality, the Argentinian Mastiff remains a very stubborn dog .












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